I remember a time when folks who recruited military personnel, used to say things like, “We have your resume, and if we are interested, we’ll contact you!” Or, we have selected someone else who is a better fit, or any number of vague – meaningless delays or rejections.

That was then – this is NOW. NEOVETS aims to eliminate the fog in your personal war of unemployment as a military veteran job seeker.

We have gone to great lengths to educate and train dedicated HR professionals throughout Northeast Ohio to ensure military personnel receive the same respect and dedication during their job search that they displayed during their honorable service to their country. We, at NEOVETS never want to hear vague rejections as those previously described.
For many military veteran job seekers, the odds are already stacked against them in their job search because of a number of factors seemingly beyond their immediate control. Many have ground combat occupations and limited experience with their newly gained degrees and certifications, and have a difficult time correlating their military training, leadership and intangible traits and qualities into the civilian workforce because of their limited exposure therein.
They receive sketchy job search advice prior to their separation, or no advice at all. Some are hounded by companies or people who say they will help them for a hefty price by writing resumes, re-designing social media profiles, and more, when they could have been better served by training them how to do these things for themselves and learn how to own their job search activities.

Granted there are some very good resources out there, but I always say approach with caution.
Ask for help and follow-through with the advice you receive. If you are unclear, remember your military training, and always seek guidance from a mentor who has been-there done-that.

Oorah – Semper Fi!

Bryan A. McGown “Gunny”
NEOVETS Founding Board Member
Chair, NEOVETS Awareness Committee and
President | CEO
GunnyRet Consulting, LLC.

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