Consider these questions:

Do you want to hire competent, capable high performers? Yes No
Do you want your new hires to have significant work experience? Yes No
Do you want trained workers in the fields for which you are hiring? Yes No
Do you want leaders within their area of expertise? Yes No
Do you want mature, disciplined, respectful applicants? Yes No
Do you want employees who have proven personal performance capabilities? Yes No

Assuming you want all of the above characteristics to be present in your new hires; select a veteran. Veterans have “real world” experience working in teams, taking orders, planning for performance, being accountable, maintaining personal discipline, and participating in ongoing training /learning activities. They also ramp up to speed quickly based on their “open to learning” bias gained from the military.

Some additional benefits you receive when you certify as a Military Talent Employer are:

  • The credibility gained from veterans and your community as an employer genuinely committed to employing veterans.
  • A competitive edge in recruitment of veterans who prefer CMTE employers.
  • A nice add to your Affirmative Action Plans.
  • If you’re a Non-Profit Organization it could serve as an attraction to funders.
  • Support from NEOVETS providing best practice suggestions and assistance focused on veteran recruiting, selection, development and retention.

So, “Hire a Vet, It’s a sure bet!” says, Admiral Mullen, retired Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Visit our website and schedule to attend a free NEOVETS Conference or Workshop focused on attracting and retaining veterans in Northeast Ohio.

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