I met with an insurance company principal yesterday and he shared the difficulty he is having with locating and attracting veterans, Coast Guard and reservists for his business.

  1. Where do I look for and locate veteran, Coast Guard and reserve resumes?
  2. How do I communicate the benefits of a performance-based compensation program to a veteran, Coast Guard or reservist?
  3. How do I translate veteran, Coast Guard and reservist experience and education into my insurance terminology so I can communicate effectively with them, and have them understand what I am sharing?
  4. How do I build sustainable processes and systems for recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining these individuals?

I suggested he enroll in one of our Orientation classes for Certified Military Talent Employers (CMTE) and he will receive responses to all the above questions in more detail than I could supply in a 45 minute meeting with him.

We did share some recruiters who specialize in military candidates, as well as some sites for military resumes.

He left happy that he had benefited from our brief encounter.  Hopefully, he will follow-up by registering for our next CMTE Workshop and learn about some of the ways in which he can help his organization become a talent magnet for veterans, Coast Guard and reservists.


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