Picture of Red Corona Virus Cells

Picture of Red Corona Virus Cells and COVID-19 Business Survival Tips

COVID-19 Business Survival Tips

Do you have any COVID-19 Business Survival Tips? Given these hard and unpredictable times, I’d love to hear from each our Certified Military Talent Employers (CMTEs) as to how your organization has been affected, or is adapting to meet the rapidly changing service demands; both internally and externally.

Many are working from home, have laid people off; temporarily, or permanently. Businesses and personnel must continue to shift priorities to keep up with the fluidity of the crisis.

Some examples of this capability are manufacturers making face masks, or producing ventilators. Even distillers, and brewers like BrewDog, are creating hand sanitizers instead of their premium spirits or craft brews.

I’m curious too, about how many of our CMTEs have pulled back staff from overseas, or suspended international operations from all of this.

  • Has your business developed solutions for the current crisis?
  • What would you like to share with the other CMTEs?
  • What IS working?
  • What IS NOT working?
  • Have you ramped-up your efforts to hire infectious disease control specialists to help you overcome this, or any future events?
  • Have you considered hiring experienced Veterans or Military Spouses to help you manage current projects in new environments?
  • How well do you know your own personnel? Do you already have staff on your payroll that has experience in infectious disease control, or other emergency operations planning?
  • Have you stopped hiring altogether?
  • Have you considered creating or modifying emergency business operations plans? Do you need help with this?
  • If your business is 100% ahead of this crisis, are you willing to help another CMTE?

Finally, I’d like to know who among you might be interested in having a conference call (hosted by one of the CMTEs) to discuss a few of these topics in the spirit of collaboration. We’re all in this together!

Drop a comment below on one or more of these questions, or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! Be safe!

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