Smart Business Mentions – 2016

Board Members, Bryan A McGown, Rick DeChant, and Donna Rae Smith appeared in September 2016 Smart Business Magazine September 2016     pages 32-33  

Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE) – What’s In It For Me?

Consider these questions: Do you want to hire competent, capable high performers? Yes No Do you want your new hires to have significant work experience? Yes No Do you want trained workers in the fields for which you are hiring? Yes No Do you want leaders within their area of expertise? Yes No Do you want mature, disciplined, respectful applicants? Yes No Do you want employees who have proven personal performance capabilities? Yes No Assuming you want all of the above characteristics to be present in your new hires; select a veteran. Veterans have “real world” experience working in teams, taking orders, planning for performance, being accountable, maintaining personal discipline, Read More …