Certified Military Talent Employer™ (CMTE™) Application

Before you begin this application, please be sure you have collected all your documentation, and have it scanned and ready to go to be submitted with your application. Currently, there is no way to save your progress if you need to stop during your submission.

And, please make certain you have printed and used these CMTE Application Materials. Again, if you have any questions, or run into any technical issues, please contact Bryan A. McGown for assistance.


BEFORE YOU START: 1. Please add this email bryanamcgown@neovets.org to your contacts or address book to avoid any spam errors: Once you complete and submit an application, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt. 2. Please visit this page and ensure you are following the instructions for completing the application. There is a sample VETS 100 report to help you gather aggregate data, and a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. There is also a worksheet you may use to help you prepare. Please be sure to have all of your documentation already scanned and saved in a location on your device BEFORE you begin the application. You will not be able to save your work. Do NOT hit the BACK button, nor leave this page. Once you have it completed and signed, you should submit it with your other evidentiary documents so we can openly discuss your application in confidence. If you have the mutual non-disclosure and all of your documents ready, please proceed to the form below.