Becoming a “Certified Military Talent Employer™“, is much more than a marketing tool to enrich organizations and shareholders!  It’s about showing the dignity and respect to our Country’s Heroes and their families when they come home, by truly helping them reintegrate and connect with the fantastic employers, education, volunteer, and veteran support opportunities that already exist within northeast Ohio.  These organizations have agreed to total transparency, and will be reviewed by their peers, veterans, and their families on a continuing basis to ensure the highest level of customer support to those we serve.  Nothing less was expected of our military families during their service. Why should they expect (or receive) anything but superior services, and our utmost respect?”

Bryan A. McGown, Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, (Retired)

HR professionals and those responsible for making hiring decisions in their organizations, can participate in an annual training program that has been approved by HRCI for continuing education units for PHR/SPHR/MPHR/GPHR credentials.

Please register for access to our Employer Tools for an idea of the most recent presentations.  The instructions for completing an application as well as the application itself are also found here.  Applications may be submitted through this page.

For those wishing to apply, but have not the attended the NEOVETS formal classroom instruction; you may submit an application, and request a FREE training session in order for an application to be fully considered. However, you will not earn any HRCI credits.

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Organizations must be agree to abide by the standards shown below, and provide evidence with their applications.

The data being collected will be tracked so that NEOVETS can monitor its programming success and to ensure continuous improvements are realized for all.


Companies must agree to:

1.  Share aggregate data concerning their veteran populations

2.  Accept veteran referrals from other NEOVETS members

3.  Annually train their leadership in USERRA

4.  Ensure at least one HR staff member is trained in the unique aspects of military hiring; including but not limited to:

  •  Screening
  •  Interviewing and feedback methods
  •  Benefits
  •  Cross-walking skills
  • Taxation of salary, etc.

5.  Employ a formalized outreach and targeted recruitment of veterans

6.  Display an approved NEOVETS logo on their website and other marketing materials

7.  Include best practices into veteran hiring activities

8.  Establish or maintain an employee veterans resource group

9.  Establish or maintain a military leave policy to protect pay, job security

10.  Educate employees on what happens when guard and reserve members are on their annual training or drill periods

11.  Employ a distinct on-boarding process for veterans

12.  Posts jobs on NEOVETS social media (and website when it’s designed) following the guidelines outlined above

13.  Share information concerning veteran job applicants as it relates to their applications, interview or job readiness

14.  Share what percentage of the total employee base is made up of veterans