The Communications Committee developed a program that debuted on September 30, 2014 whereby Human Resource Professionals from the northeast Ohio region learned what it truly means to be a military talent employer in today’s society, and also learned the steps necessary to earn a designation for themselves and their companies as “Certified Military Talent Employers™” through this program.

We want the companies and HR representatives to be approved to carry this logo in order for veterans and other agencies to have a better sense of those organizations who have taken the title of “Certified Military Talent Employer” seriously.  When a veteran clicks on the logo, they will be transported to a page that displays the participating Certified Military Talent Employers.

Click on the NEOVETS Medal now for an example.

Our members; consisting of some more than 20 individuals representing some of the region’s premier government agencies, military-specific non-profits, educational institutions, and public/private businesses, recently organized a Hiring Our Heroes Hiring Fair at Public Auditorium in cooperation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  More than 405 job seekers and 140 vendors met face-to-face. The numbers are still coming in from local sources indicating that nearly 20 veterans retained employment directly from this event. Those are just the numbers we know about from local, first-hand accounts.


NEOVETS logos designed by Navy Veteran, Ryan Cirignano
Unauthorized use of any of the NEOVETS logos or other artwork is strictly prohibited.