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    I’m Corporal Michael Parks with your Marine Minute.

    U.S. Marines aboard Camp Smedley D. Butler participated in a Mochitsuki celebration at Ayakari no Mori Library, Okinawa, Japan, January 5th. Mochitsuki is a Japanese New Year’s tradition dating all the way back to the 8th century, where rice is pounded into a paste to be made into Mochi, a traditional Japanese treat. The event offered Marines the opportunity to interact with the Okinawan natives and experience a different part of their culture.

    On this day in Marine Corps History in 1815,
    Marines fought alongside General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. The Americans were trying to keep the British from gaining control of the Mississippi river, winning the battle in under an hour despite being outnumbered by over 2,000 troops. The Battle of New Orleans was the final armed engagement between the United States and Britain because following the US victory, a treaty was signed in February, ending the war.

    That’s it for your Marine Minute, for more news around the Corps go to

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