These are the Profile Pages for each of our Certified Military Talent Employers (In Alphabetical Order). You will see individual links for jobs from our Certified Military Talent Employers inside each profile page.

Dear Military Veteran or Military Spouse Job Seeker:

Please review each of the Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE)™ career opportunities on their respective profile page. 

After reviewing each profile page, review the company’s career link which should be displayed just above the section labeled, “Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE)™ Profile”.

If you find a position that you have an interest in, and decide to apply to that position, please make a note of the Job Announcement ID, or the Requisition Number, and job title. Likewise, do the same if you find a role, but feel you need to discuss the role with the CMTE Coordinator prior to completing an application.

At the bottom of each profile page, you will find a CMTE Referral Inquiry. This form is NOT to be considered an application. The purposes of this form are to:

a. simultaneously provides contact information to our designated NEOVETS representative and the designated CMTE Coordinator for the company

b. provide insights into the prior military occupation, or for that of a military spouse; their civilian occupational title

c. permit the candidate to submit a resume for the convenience of the CMTE Coordinator to facilitate internal job matching

d.  release and hold harmless NEOVETS and the referred CMTE while in the course of providing feedback throughout the entire recruiting cycle,

e. method of recording and tracking referrals

f. allow candidates to notify the CMTE and NEOVETS  representatives that the candidate has actually applied/or shown interest in as many as three roles
g. send candidate a copy of the submission so you know exactly what the recruiters are receiving

If there are any difficulties with the form, or you require other assistance, please notify

If you find that you need some career coaching to include resume preparation, or help with your LinkedIn presence, please reach out to You will receive free assistance and referrals if you come through this portal first.

Dear Employers Interested in Becoming a Certified Military Talent Employer:

Please send an email to to schedule a conference call to discuss!

So here they are: our Certified Military Talent Employers (CMTEs)

Bettcher Industries

Cleveland Clinic

EMC Precision

Hyland, creator of OnBase®

Lorain County Community College

Nagle Companies

Nation’s Lending Corporation

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Northeast Ohio VA Healthcare System

Rustbelt Reclamation

Selman & Company

Tetra Tech AEG


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