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Employers don’t wait as long for a superior workforce when they connect to our NEOVETS College Collaborative because Veterans are empowered to enter their ideal career paths more quickly.

NEOVETS is non-profit organization based in Northeast Ohio. Our members come from the private and public sector, other non-profits, and higher education. Each has experience in working with the veteran and military community. NEOVETS knows that the recruitment and retention of veterans and the military in our communities is a key component to revitalizing the region’s economy. NEOVETS believes that Employers and Educators are best positioned to lead on this issue. Our members agree that a continued effort is needed to close this gap in connectivity between these groups. This is why NEOVETS was formed, and the college collaborative is an important feature in this strategy. When you connect to our College Collaborative, you become part of the solution, and improve your bottom line with military talent that not only brings higher education, but typically; years of global experience and the intangible qualities like, honor, courage, commitment, leadership, self-discipline, integrity, punctuality, and much more!

Nearly four years in the making, NEOVETS is positioned to serve as the conduit connecting educators and employers together with veterans and military families seeking employment and training. And, conversely connecting employers and educators, seeking a better understanding of the veteran and military culture to that community.

Employers must become a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE) prior to connecting to the College Collaborative. Only when the employer has a greater understanding of military culture, and the unique differences in finding, screening, hiring and retaining Veterans and their families, can they truly take full advantage of the NEOVETS programs. 

Visit this page to learn more about the Certified Military Talent Employer Program.

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