NEOVETS is a non-profit organization based in Northeast Ohio. It is comprised of membership from the private and public sector, other non-profits, and higher education — all with experience in working with the veteran and military community. NEOVETS recognized that the recruitment and retention of veterans and the military in our communities is a key component to revitalizing the region’s economy. NEOVETS also realizes that employers and educators are best positioned to lead on this issue. However, the organization has also realized (based on the real world experience of its membership) that there was/is a gap in connectivity with those entities. This is why NEOVETS was formed.

Nearly four years in the making, NEOVETS has positioned itself to serve as the conduit connecting educators and employers together with veterans and military families seeking employment and training…. And conversely connecting employers and educators seeking a better understanding of the veteran and military culture within that community.

NEOVETS – NE Ohio Community College Collaboration partnership brings with it the following benefits:

• NEOVETS becomes an extension of the marketing efforts of the participating colleges in helping to drive referrals and enrollment to those institutions of veterans/military needing training and education;
• NEOVETS serves as an additional ”pulse taker” of employer training needs and works with participating colleges in providing ideas and concepts for training programs/courses;
• NEOVETS serves as an independent “third party endorser” with employers of the training and programs offered by the participating colleges;
• NEOVETS serves as a referral service to the veterans initiatives of the participating colleges in directing veterans and military members to those offices for assistance and support services beyond education and training;
• NEOVETS also serves as a voice/endorser of the education/employer partnership with local, state and federal legislators and agencies.