Request for Proposal

White Label Recruiting Services

1. Summary and Background

After conducting many focus groups within the military community that included veterans, other supportive non-profits, higher education, bankers, lenders, health care providers, real estate professionals, etc, NEOVETS, Inc. became an IRS 501(c)(3) in February, 2015. As a result of these focus groups, NEOVETS began focusing on offering HR/Hiring Manager training and certification programs to our 22-county region’s employers to educate them in the military culture, PTSD Myths and Misperceptions, finding, screening, hiring, and retaining military service members and their spouses.  NEOVETS continues to grow, and currently has 12 Certified Military Talent Employers (CMTEs) in four counties; Cuyahoga, Lorain, Summit, and Medina. Employers become CMTEs upon successful completion of one or more classroom periods of instruction, or online training provided on our website, and then getting an approval for certification upon review of documentary evidence, and affirmations of military talent hiring strategies and NEOVETS programs.  More information about our organization can be found at

NEOVETS is currently accepting proposals from recruiting and staffing agencies to expand our value-add proposition for current and new Certified Military Talent Employers. NEOVETS frequently hears from employers that they experience difficulty in identifying and hiring military-connected job candidates. We work with local colleges and universities on this issue, together with our own military-connected networks. Our strategic planning is pointing us in the direction of engaging with an established staffing agency at this time.

2. Proposal Guidelines

This Request for Proposal represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until 5pm EST September 30, 2018. Any proposals received after this date may or may not be reviewed. All proposals must be signed by an official agent or representative of the company submitting the proposal.

If the organization submitting a proposal must outsource or contract any work to meet the requirements contained herein, this must be clearly stated in the proposal. Additionally, all costs included in proposals must be all-inclusive to include any outsourced or contracted work. Any proposals which call for outsourcing or contracting work must include a name and description of the organizations being contracted. All costs must be itemized to include an explanation of all fees and costs. Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder for this  RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to legal review.

3. Project Purpose and Description

The purpose of this project is as follows:

NEOVETS seeks to engage with an established staffing agency to address our constituents’ employment needs as a value-add proposition, i.e., both military-connected job seekers and employers. NEOVETS is best positioned to provide education and training to the two sides of the equation, however, we believe the process of sourcing, screening and placing candidates is best done by staffing professionals. The successful agency must become a CMTE and all participating agency staff must be trained by NEOVETS on the special circumstances and nuance of military-connected job seekers and employees. Not all employers will need our help, but we believe offering another business solution is vital to our business model.

4. Project Scope

The scope of this project requires a full service, white label recruiting and staffing capability to support the occasional, incidental, or ongoing recruiting, staffing and contractor needs for any industry or niche within our growing CMTE Employer Network, regardless of the geographic placement needs. As a white-label full-service staffing/recruiting agency, you will fill job orders under the name of NEOVETS without reference to your own business at anytime. The chosen agency will abide by NEOVETS CMTE programs and policies at all times. Project term is annual with a NEOVETS option to renew.

5. Request for Proposal and Project Timeline

Dates Due *   Proposal and Project Timelines All deadline times are 5:00pm Eastern
September 30, 2018 RFP submission closing date
October 1-15, 2018 NEOVETS Evals Proposals
October 7, 2018 Submit additional questions to NEOVETS regarding RFP
October 13, 2018 NEOVETS response to questions due
October 20, 2018 NEOVETS selects winning bidder(s) following any new details from RFPs
  Contract negotiations begin immediately
October 25, 2018 Contract negotiations end
October 27, 2018 Non-selects notified only after contract finalized
November 15, 2018 Project initiation phase must be completed
November 31, 2018 CMTE Recruiting Marketing Plan Implemented
December 1, 2018 Begin accepting job orders

6. Bidder Qualifications

 Bidders should provide the following items as part of their proposal for consideration:

  • The selectee company must be a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE), or agree to become certified and agree to all CMTE standards and audits as required in the NEOVETS CMTE Employer Network Program within 45 days of selection. Until that time, selectee must coordinate activity with NEOVETS RFP Coordinator for CMTE Program compliance and on the job training.
  • Provide three client references.
  • Return signed Mutual Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement to expire 3 years after closing of the contract or any subsequent contract renewals.
  • Must agree to provide wholly white label services defined in Item 4 above.
  • Must define agency niche, i.e., IT, Supply Chain, Admin/HR, Manufacturing
  • Provide brief bios on all executives, employees, contractors directly involved in the RFP, and subsequent service delivery if awarded the contract.
  • Vendor will submit sample recruiting agreements with proposal.
  • Statements acknowledging:
    • that NO civilians will fill ANY NEOVETS job orders except for military spouse/widow(ers) who have no military service.
    • NO communication to NEOVETS clients or prospects on behalf of any other company, organization, or entity, or referral to an entity outside of NEOVETS is authorized without written approval of the NEOVETS board.
    • agree to a dedicated phone number and voicemail for CMTE clients to reach NEOVETS Recruiters will be made available to support the white label service. NEOVETS will help create a VOIP line dedicated for this purpose using Google Voice.
    • agree to use only authorized email addresses assigned by NEOVETS; e.g.

7. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

NEOVETS will evaluate all proposals based on the following criteria suing the table on page 6. To ensure consideration for this RFP, your proposal should be complete and include the following criteria:

  • Proposal submitted timely
  • Proposal complete
  • Overall proposal suitability: proposed solution(s) must meet the scope and needs included herein and be presented in a clear and organized manner
  • Organizational Experience: Bidders will be evaluated on their experience as it pertains to the scope of this project
  • Previous work: Bidders will be evaluated on examples of their work pertaining to Recruiting, staffing, contracting and payroll services as well as any client testimonials and references
  • Value and cost: Bidders will be evaluated on the cost of their solution(s) based on the work to be performed in accordance with the scope of this project
  • All vendors, and/or contractor staff becoming a Certified Military Talent Employer/CMTP
  • Completeness of RFP and responsiveness to NEOVETS board
  • Bios outlining technical expertise and experience: Bidders must provide bio descriptions and documentation of staff technical expertise and experience
  • Business Flexibility: Each bidder must comment on level of flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing business model

Each bidder must submit their proposal and proposal checklist through this portal with accompanying documentation by September 30, 2018, at 5:00 PM(Eastern time)

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