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Rustbelt Reclamation is a story of a business reinvented. Our company actually started over 40 years ago as the Interior Products Company — a Cleveland-based manufacturer of commercial grade furniture and cabinetry. Interior Products built a reputation for constructing intricate pieces including reception desks and boardroom tables for commercial and institutional customers. In late 2010, the new ownership of Interior Products sought to both differentiate the business and develop its under-realized competencies, while leveraging its 40-year history. The standout concept was a line of standard products and custom projects based on locally sourced, upcycled materials.                        

Thus, Reclaimed Cleveland was born — offering both standard product lines and commercial products tailored to meet customer specifications utilizing upcycled materials that delivered both environmental and aesthetic benefits. As Reclaimed Cleveland flourished our business expanded beyond the region and the prospect of expansion became real.

The idea for scaling up the Reclaimed Cleveland model was fueled by increasing interest, but is rooted in a simple product — the bottle opener. Our original bottle opener design was our first standard product, the first to ship to customers across the country and the first to garner inquiries for additional reclaimed product. With the demand apparent, our next challenge was to deploy resources and practices to make what has traditionally been an artisan model, a platform to produce upcycled products on a larger scale. This involved developing industry-leading practices for harvesting, processing, design and production.

With the creation of the Rustbelt Reclamation brand, we have positioned ourselves to address customer needs with a wide offering of reclaimed wood-based products to be made available on an unprecedented scale. In doing so, we remain faithful to the heritage and quality inherent in our materials and are committed to producing the finest quality products that our customers deserve and desire.

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Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE) Profile

Currently Hiring: No

  • Designated a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer in 2017
  • A Veteran Resource Group is in development with more Veteran hires
  • Accepts referrals from CMTE Partners and NEOVETS
  • Accepts recruiting consultative advice from NEOVETS
  • Leadership is Trained in USERRA
  • Owner is an Air Force Veteran
  • CMTE Coordinator is not a Veteran
  • Formalized Veteran Outreach Program in development with more Veteran hires
  • Adopts a Military Leave Policy with more Veteran hires
  • Trains Rustbelt Reclamation non-veterans about national guard and reserve duty to improve relations
  • Adopts distinct Veteran onboarding program with help from NEOVETS
  • Provides constructive and meaningful feedback to NEOVETS about referrals’ applications and interviews
  • Geographic Locations: Northeast Ohio

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CMTE Profile Referral - Rustbelt Reclamation

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