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Leading with Science®

Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services. The Company supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions focused on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. With more than 16,000 associates worldwide, Tetra Tech’s capabilities span the entire project life cycle.

Who We Are






Since 1966, Tetra Tech has been Leading with Science® to address our clients’ most complex needs. Our mission is to be the premier worldwide consulting and engineering firm.

Our Approach







At Tetra Tech, we seek clear sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life. We embrace safety and sustainability in our business and operations.

Our Global Presence







Tetra Tech has 400 offices worldwide. We have the resources and global presence to complete today’s most demanding projects.

What We’ve Done







Tetra Tech is a full-service company with a global reach in the areas of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. Read about our projects and company recognition.

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Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE™) Profile

  • Designated a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer in 2018
  • Has a Veteran Resource Group
  • Accepts Referrals from CMTE Partners and NEOVETS
  • Trained Military Recruiter
  • Leadership is Trained in USERRA
  • CMTE Coordinator is not a Veteran
  • Formalized Veteran Outreach Program
  • Adopts a Military Leave Policy
  • Trains TetraTech non-veterans about national guard and reserve duty to improve relations
  • Adopts distinct Veteran onboarding program
  • Provides constructive and meaningful feedback to NEOVETS about referrals’ applications and interviews
  • Geographic Locations: Tetra Tech is in 400 operational locations worldwide
  • Federal Contractor with a “Whistleblower Program”
  •  Coming Soon: View a Veteran’s Testimonial About the Tetra Tech AEG Veteran Culture

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CMTE Profile Referral - Tetra Tech

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